Precision Medicine Applications​

  • Classic symptom-based approach

  • Single-omics based classification

  • Multi-omics based profiling & Integrated
    network analysis

Stratification Approaches

Examples of Techniques

  • Traditional clinical medical technology​

    • Patient hospital history​
    • Identification of symptoms by questionnaire​
    • Pathophysiology, etc.
  • Single omics analysis method​

    • Genomics-based patient classification​
    • Focusing on disease-specific Target-OMICs​
      Selected Bio-Marker​
  • Multiple omics analysis method​

    • Genome, Proteome, Metabolome… etc.​
    • Possible to identify the relationship between Geno-Pheno-Envirotype​
    • Provides data that can be used for disease prediction such as early diagnosis​
    • Unsupervised classification and supervised machine learning

Value proposition

    • Application of FAST exosome separation service​
    • Development of early diagnosis exosome markers​
    • Disease monitoring / CDx exosome marker development​
    • Collaboration with molecular diagnostics companies: Clinical validation and diagnostic analysis services​
    • Application of FAST exosome separation service​
    • Discovery of data-based biomarkers through exosome multi-omics analysis and development of diagnostic products and services using them​
    • EXO-STUDY exosome analysis service and Clinical Laboratory Service launched​